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ShowPhaze is a premier production services company dedicated to delivering exceptional experiences through meticulous planning and expert execution.
From stagehands to show callers, operators to AV techs, ShowPhaze provides nationwide opportunities across the board and beyond. Find out you can take your career to the next Phaze.
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If you approach your work with dedication, passion, and drive, then you’re in the right place. We aim to promote people with great attitudes and strong work ethic who have a desire to make an impact and contribute to something larger than themselves. We’re looking not only for strong technical abilities and experience but also attitude, aptitude, and work ethic.

About Our App

We designed the ShowPhaze app to make industry technicians' lives easier. We understand that managing invoices, scheduling, and planning can be challenging when all you want to do is decompress after a tough work week. The app acts as a hub and an easily navigable tool to help contractors maximize their busy periods and stay on top of scheduling and finances.

Who We Are

We created ShowPhaze to provide superior service while heavily emphasizing better representation for technicians and contractors. Because we’re event producers ourselves, we understand the challenges facing industry professionals. That’s why we’re working hard to improve the culture of event crewing and labor coordination.

Our ultimate goal is to boast the largest network of industry pros worldwide. 
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