Production Services

ShowPhaze is a premier production services company dedicated to delivering exceptional experiences through meticulous planning and expert execution.
From AV for general sessions to live video streaming and broadcasting, we offer top-tier broadcast and event production services to complement our crewing and logistics expertise. Our network of producers have decades of experience working in stadiums, arenas, and conference centers, as well as directing major sporting events and other broadcast media.

Broadcast and Special Events

Tap into the extensive experience of our producers to direct your client’s next event or production for the highest-quality and most seamless execution. Whether you need AV support, broadcast technology expertise, or a producer for a special event, our team is here to help you execute on your client’s biggest ideas.

AV Services

In addition to crewing, we offer a suite of full event production services to support your event teams, from sourcing equipment to running the AV booth. For many production firms, our crewing, event production, and shipping support allow them to check all the boxes for their event. But our truly creative approach allows us to produce any type of event, anywhere.

Exhibit Booths

Some booths are simple, while others require a higher level of production value. That's why we serve as a reliable resource for all your client’s set design needs, including digital displays, LED video walls, lighting designs, and fabrications. We can even provide Vectorworks walkthroughs to help you see your client’s vision to come to life.
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Connect With Us

Whether you’re looking to hire a crew or join one, we can help. Contact our team to schedule a consultation and discuss the details of your upcoming event. Let's elevate it to the next Phaze!
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